Hospitals Need to Treat Neonatal Resuscitation Like a Formula One Car Race

By: Thomas Krummel on 10/27/15

One of my favorite things to do at the Fogarty Institute is visit the Fog Shop, where our medtech startups brainstorm innovative solutions to solve some of the most critical health problems. Not only are these entrepreneurs a great source of inspiration, but they bring to my attention many of the health needs that still need to be addressed, and, unfortunately, often go unnoticed.

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All Roads Lead to Strasbourg, France

By: Thomas Krummel on 09/08/15

Imagine a 120,000 square-foot medical institute, equipped with state-of-the-art experimental labs, with a networked team of 800 of the best minds in the medical field dedicated to training approximately 5,000 surgeons from around the world each year. The surgeons are learning the latest techniques in minimally invasive and hybrid surgery.

This medical institute is not in Silicon Valley, not even in the United States, but in Strasbourg, France.

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Living Up to the Call of "Women and Children First"

By: Peter Hero on 07/27/15

When an ocean liner is facing impending disaster at sea, invariably the cry goes up, "Women and children first!"

But sadly when it comes to women's health and birthing, we find that significant new medical innovation aimed at them is historically underdeveloped and underfunded. This is despite the fact that medical innovation can, and has, revolutionized patient care across the world.

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Is Silicon Valley losing its edge in medical technology?

By: Ann Fyfe on 07/16/15

There's no question that Silicon Valley is a mecca of innovation talent - a pioneer in every estimation. But while entrepreneurs focus on what's new and next in technology, are we allowing medical innovation to languish?

While the Valley is thriving, the medical device industry is suffering.

Whereas once Silicon Valley was looked at as the birthplace of innovation, other states and cities are willing to take our mantle, citing their leadership in innovation.

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Collaboration Should Be the Gold Standard

By: Ann Fyfe on 07/2/15

We learn from a young age that the best way to become most accomplished is to work together. FII has a history of supporting medical innovation by partnering with the best and brightest minds in the industry. After all, that's the crux of our mission: to mentor, train and inspire the next generation of medical innovators.

That's one of the reasons we value our relationship with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who recently visited the Institute. Representatives like Eshoo, who truly care about their constituents, are eager to build these bridges between government and private industry.

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