Lefteroff Fund MissionThe Lefteroff Fund Mission Invest in individuals, programs or early-stage ideas that will create the next generation of life science companies. The fund supports educational scholarships, programs and medical innovation projects that advance entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

Lefteroff Fund

To recognize Tracy Lefteroff for his legacy of commitment and dedication to entrepreneurship, investment and innovation in the life sciences, California Healthcare Institute (CHI), the Fogarty Institute for Innovation (FII), and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have collaborated to develop The Lefteroff Fund.

FII and the Lefteroff Fund

Tracy Lefteroff FundTracy was an avid supporter and Board Member of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation. The Institute stands for, and is dedicated to, a mission that mirrors Tracy's. That's why CHI, FII and PwC have arranged that The Lefteroff Fund be housed and administered by the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit dedicated to mentoring, training and inspiring the next generation of medical innovators. FII programs offer educational opportunities, professional support, resources and mentorship to those who would likely fail without it ultimately to benefit patients by ensuring that revolutionary new medical innovations are developed and made available to those in need. The Institute achieves this important mission by surrounding innovators with educational and facility resources that help maximize their chances of transforming sound ideas into practical solutions. The stewardship that is in place at FII is a perfect blend of experience and dedication to further support Tracy's vision.

Program Areas

The Lefteroff Fund helps spur innovative ideas, and develops and educates promising medical innovators who have demonstrated significant potential in the area of medical advancement. Awards help bring concepts to fruition that will create new technologies, therapies, diagnostics and products for patients with unmet medical needs. Awards and scholarships educate students, inventors and the community about entrepreneurship, innovation and investment in the life sciences.

  • Lefteroff Educational Scholarships: Awards for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, fellows and interns will be bestowed to advance the educational level, knowledge, and real-world experience in the medical innovation process. Scholarships to be initially seeded by a contribution from the PwC Charitable Foundation.
  • Lefteroff Innovator Awards: Awards will directly fund projects for promising new innovators working on pre-screened medical ideas. The Lefteroff Recipient will keep the advisory board updated on progress and ultimately, provide mentoring to future Lefteroff recipients.
  • Lefteroff Lecture Series: Events featuring esteemed speakers (including Stanford's Biodesign Program An Innovator Workbench) will help foster ideas and advance the broader community's understanding of medical innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

Advisory Oversight

An Advisory Board provides oversight to the direction of the Fund and reviews recipient performance.

A Selection Committee will be convened to review pre-screened applications for both educational and emerging medical technology opportunities. This committee will nominate and select outstanding individuals and innovators to become Lefteroff Award Recipients. This committee will also determine the most applicable facility to mentor and educate the award recipient. The fund supports promising young people and innovative ideas that will create the next generation of new therapies and medical technologies.

Contribute to the Lefteroff Fund

We Invite you to contribute to the Lefteroff Fund to honor Tracy's life and legacy.

Individual Pledge Form

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