Lefteroff Internship Program Testimonials

Brie Goo

Brie Goo, Bioengineering Student at Santa Clara University
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2017
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence Healyx Labs

"The internship went above and beyond my expectations. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with seasoned experts to get insight on creating and leading a company and learn firsthand from physicians about the opportunities and challenges in their field. One of my personal highlights was meeting world-renowned reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Burt Brent.

Each of the many learning experiences helped me better understand my career options and reminded me of the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity and never being afraid to ask questions"

Brie worked with company-in-residence Healyx Labs, which is developing a simple, cost-effective, negative pressure wound management system to speed wound healing.

Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds, Biomedical/Medical Engineering Graduate Student at Dartmouth College
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2017
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence Raydiant Oximetry and Zebra Medical Technologies

"During my internship, I was exposed to the entire process of developing a therapy – from early concept development to actualization. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and shadowing physicians and surgeons at El Camino Hospital and connecting with industry leaders from both early-stage to more mature companies.

I also gained invaluable hands-on experience by working with two of the Fogarty Institute startups, which included completing the design and assembly of a second-generation functional prototype; researching grant opportunities; writing newsletters; and learning about skin cancer histopathology and microscope design by capturing and processing several hundred live cellular images."

Abigail worked with company-in-residence Raydiant Oximetry, a startup that is developing a non-invasive sensor to monitor fetal oxygenation during labor, aimed at improving the diagnosis of fetal distress and reducing the rate of unnecessary C-sections. She also supported Zebra Medical Technologies, which is creating a non-invasive, real-time cellular imaging system aimed at reducing the need for traditional biopsies.

Matthew Zweber

Matthew Zweber, Bioengineering – Medical Devices Student at Santa Clara University
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2017
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence Radial Medical

"Through this invaluable internship, I gained hands-on, real-life experience developing medical technologies by shadowing and connecting with seasoned mentors and learning directly from experienced engineers, physicians and entrepreneurs. I was exposed to a broad range of experiences, which included observing orthopedic, vascular and interventional radiology surgeries; learning the ins and outs of 3D printing for prototyping; configuring mock circuit boards and assembling portions of the medical devices I was working on; and developing tests to find clinically relevant data"

Matthew worked with Radial Medical, a startup that is addressing venous insufficiency by developing a comfortable, easy-to-use compression therapy system designed to improve circulation in the lower limbs.

Casey Lau

Casey Lau, Neuroscience Student at University of Nevada-Reno
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2016
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence EchoPixel

"As a premed student, shadowing physicians and seeing the daily life of a surgeon was very appealing to me. One of my greatest experiences was seeing my first open heart surgery and watching the entire procedure from just a few feet away.

The Lefteroff internship provides an unparalleled opportunity for premed students to see medical professionals in their environment, including how they interact with patients, which is a critical component of medicine."

Casey worked with EchoPixel, which has developed a 3D software platform that allows medical professionals to visualize CT and MRI images as true three-dimensional objects in space. This allows clinicians to interact with organ and tissue images as if they were real physical objects, potentially improving procedure planning and surgical outcomes.

Dina Levashova

Dina Levashova, Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California; Currently Working as a Clinical and Regulatory Development Program Associate at Edwards Lifesciences
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2016
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence Materna

"Anyone who is interested in the medical field, regardless of the specialty, should be exposed to a well-rounded program like the Lefteroff internship. During the program, I was able to experience the fast-paced environment of a startup while working on a broad range of projects, from product design and ergonomics to marketing.

I also had the opportunity to be mentored by medical device industry leaders with deep finance, clinical and regulatory expertise from whom I learned about a variety of aspects of the medical device industry."

Dina worked with Materna, a startup that is developing a device aimed at reducing the incidence of childbirth-related pelvic floor damage and a second product to treat chronic pelvic pain.

Aaron Katz

Aaron Katz, Master's Degree in Biomedical Innovation and Development; Currently Assurance Intern at Koning
Lefteroff Intern Class of 2016
Worked with Fogarty Institute company-in-residence Madorra

"Meeting professionals from many backgrounds gave me an insider's perspective. As part of my internship, I was responsible for finding eco-friendly materials to build Madorra's product, prototyping a more economical product design, researching the best advertising channels, collaborating on product packaging and assisting with Device and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (DFMEA).

In addition, I greatly valued the opportunity to be exposed to many professionals with different backgrounds, from entrepreneurs to surgeons, venture capitalists, government regulators and mentors from the life sciences industry."

Aaron worked with Madorra, a former Fogarty Institute company aiming to improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors and post-menopausal women.

Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII

"The internship provides an invaluable hand-on experience, along with real-life lessons from the broad range of mentors with whom they interact."

– Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII