Christopher Zarins"The Institute gave us an opportunity to test our methods to see if they could work in practice instead of theory."

– Christopher Zarins, MD, Co-founder of HeartFlow


Since beginning operations in late 2007, The Fogarty Institute for Innovation has provided support to more than 10 innovative entrepreneurs in our "Innovation: Cultivation" program. HeartFlow, Niveus and PQ Bypass have moved on to establish independent offices. Our other innovators in residence are in various stages of development, but all are moving toward independence with astounding speed and efficiency.

Below is a summary of where each of our innovators stand to date in the development process.

In Residence

Company Technology Patient Benefit
InPress Technologies. Developing a single-use medical device to treat postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) by specifically addressing uterine atony.

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By avoiding the use of pharmaceuticals, hysterectomy, or other invasive surgical procedures, the InPress can dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare during childbirth and save women's lives.
InterVene Percutaneous approach to restoring valve competency in the deep leg veins.

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Cure for ulcers and other painful, debilitating complications in the legs due to poor vein function.
Materna Medical Working to reduce the incidence of childbirth-related injuries to women during vaginal delivery.

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Our device will be designed to prevent vaginal tearing and pelvic floor damage during childbirth.
Medical Cue The NeoCue System solves a major need in newborn monitoring and resuscitation by automatically sensing key physiologic data and offering decision guidance through neonatal resuscitation and rapid venous access.

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Improving newborn monitoring capability in the labor and delivery room.
nVision nVision is an early-stage, venture backed medical device company that is dedicated to building a portfolio of novel and proprietary technologies to fill the void in female health-related innovation.

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The first is a device which will significantly advance the diagnosis of the leading cause of female infertility, fallopian tube blockage. The second device that we have created will allow gynecologists to detect ovarian cancer at early stages in patients who are at high risk for developing the disease.
Prescient Surgical Working on CleanCision™, a platform that prevents surgical wound infections.

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The technology targets a patient segment that has the highest risk of infection: obese patients undergoing colorectal surgery.
Vida Systems Web-based, interactive, engaging application for anatomy and physiology education.

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Better outcomes through education; broader patient and consumer access to health and wellness information.


Company Technology Patient Benefit
BioParadox Point-of-care biologic treatments for cardiovascular disease.

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Outpatient treatment for non-revascularizable ischemic cardiac and vascular disease.
HeartFlow Patient-specific, non- invasive stenosis detection. Eliminates ~1M invasive diagnostic procedures, reduces patient risk, and saves $13B/yr in healthcare costs.
Medical Sewing Solutions Miniaturized sewing machine for use in laparoscopic surgery.

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Allows surgeons the ability to place a continuous chain of stitches with a simple system.
Medical Sewing Solutions Novel treatment for mitral valve regurgitation.

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Minimally invasive treatment for mitral valve regurgitation vs. annuloplasty
Niveus Medical Electrical muscle stimulation for critical care patients.

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Prevents muscle deterioration in extended-duration critical care patients.
PQ Bypass, Inc. Percutaneous treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

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Eliminates 200K highly invasive vascular bypass surgeries per year.

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