"The Fogarty Institute's partnership with El Camino Hospital allowed me to witness many cutting-edge procedures and laproscopic surgeries. As an inventor, these were invaluable learning opportunities that are truly unique to this program."
Medical Sewing Solutions, LLC Founder: Harry Shonteff

"In a normal incubator environment, there is typically a group of engineers with physicians visiting. At the Institute, we have group of physicians that are always here with engineers visiting. This model accelerates the pace of innovation."
PQ Bypass, CEO: Rich Lotti

"Charlie Taylor and I were working on this technology for many years at Stanford University. The Fogarty Institute gave us an opportunity to test our method and our theories to see if they actually work in patients."
HeartFlow, Inc. Co-Founder: Christopher Zarins, M.D.

"The Collaboration between the Fogarty Institute and El Camino Hospital allowed us to collect human data in a much more capital-efficient manner than would be possible otherwise."
Niveus Medical, Founder: Brian Fahey, Ph.D.

"The Fogarty institute was instrumental in the development of our technology. The technology developed at Stanford ultimately needed to be translated into patient care, and we needed to really understand what the business story and business message was going to be. The Institute provided us with the space, mentorship, guidance and experience to help us understand how to create a business out of this exciting technology."
HeartFlow, Inc. Co-Founder: Charles Taylor

Dr. Fogarty

"We strive to create an environment where we can cost effectively develop technology that directly benefits patients."

– Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII