The Fogarty Institute for Innovation is known for its status as a convening point for the global innovation ecosystem — providing a focal point for investors, corporations, physicians and hospitals, government officials and innovators. We pride ourselves on forging partnerships with entities that have similar goals and aspirations, and acting as a conduit for strategic connections.

Effective partnerships are a strength and a priority for the Fogarty Institute. We realize that by aligning ourselves with other companies, institutions and groups that foster similar goals, we are all stronger together.

Medical technology is the lifeblood of medical innovation, the core of the next generation of treatments and devices that will create new ways to lower healthcare costs and increase our quality of life. To make advancements in healthcare, we have partnered with organizations in categories that include:

Academic Partners

An onsite program which provides hand-picked applicants with the environment and resources to nurture innovative ideas to fruition

At the Fogarty Institute, students (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) don't learn from textbook and a classroom. Rather, they "learn by doing," working closely with our startups to achieve critical development objectives.

In addition, our academic partnerships expose our companies-in-residence to thought leaders and innovators who are taking a hands-on role in achieving new successes in medical study.

Clinical Partners

Working with top local medical facilities allows our startups to collaborate and learn from practicing physicians and nurses who have a profound understanding of how medicine is practiced through their daily patient interactions. Through these frequent and ongoing clinical interactions, our startups ensure their technologies are relevant to clinical needs and usable by clinicians.

Corporate Partners

As an incubator of carefully selected medtech startups that are developing technologies beneficial to patients, we offer corporate partners a unique view into the startup culture, which often provides stronger opportunities for innovation than larger, more established companies. This gives corporations an opportunity to learn first-hand how to apply our spirit of innovation domestically and globally.

We offer corporate partner teams an opportunity to be co-located with our startups on the El Camino Hospital campus, thereby facilitating educational opportunities, innovation discussions and business opportunities that can further benefit patients.

We welcome the opportunity to share our best practices, just as we desire to learn from others.


When private and public entities partner, everybody wins — especially in the field of medical innovation where these alliances are a key component of progress. Because of this, we have established strong partnerships with government agencies and officials who are intimately involved with medical innovation in the U.S.

Investor Group Affiliations

What companies need most, after a groundbreaking idea, is to attain funding that will allow them to continue their work and bring it to patients. That's why one of our pillars for success is the ability to achieve funding. We work tirelessly with venture capital firms and angel groups to help connect potential investors with our innovative startups.

Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII

"By providing personalized mentorship and access to physical and financial resources, the Institute offers an ideal environment that allows early-stage startups to grow strong enough to stand on their own."

– Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII