Your Work Reimagined

Reimagining work will help lead us into a new chapter and beyond.

As some states begin to loosen their guidelines, many employees now will have the ability to move from shelter-in-place back to their offices. This remobilization has been referred to by many as “re-entry.”

But we will not be entering the same workspace in the same way;

Q&A with Denise Zarins, Fogarty Institute’s Chief Technical Officer

As we look ahead to the eventual easing of shelter-in-place requirements, companies are considering how to tackle the next phase of re-entry. Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing from Denise Zarins, Zach Edmonds, MD, and Gayle Kuokka, the dedicated re-entry leads for the Fogarty Institute, who held a collaborative discussion with our companies-in-residence and outside healthtech startups.

Are You Reaping the Full Benefits of Mentoring? Three Industry Leaders Share Insights

Most successful professionals will agree that if there is a “secret to success,” it’s having a mentor. And that holds true for the medtech profession as well, judging by the results of our Diversity by Doing (DxD) HealthTech survey. As noted in our recent report, both men and women who had a mentor reported significantly higher job satisfaction than those who didn’t.

Diversity by Doing Aims to Close the Gap on Gender Disparities in Healthtech

Diversity and inclusion have always been a goal of the Fogarty Institute, and over the past year we have been collaborating with the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign and Maria Sainz, president and CEO of AEGEA Medical, on ways to achieve a more diverse representation within the healthtech field.

The team developed the Diversity by Doing (DxD) Healthtech initiative to identify and raise awareness of inequity,