Incubator Program Overview

Turning great ideas into great companies is hard work. In the medtech space this is especially true given the clinical, regulatory and reimbursement challenges that must also be overcome. At the Fogarty Institute we create an environment of learning and collaboration that helps medtech entrepreneurs realize their vision of commercializing innovations that improve healthcare delivery to patients worldwide.

Size & Location

Our incubator program is located on the campus of El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. We typically incubate 10-15 companies at any given time.

Stage & Sector

We focus on seed stage projects, helping companies advance from product concept through to securing Series A funding. Our emphasis is on medical device and medical technology startups, therefore we do not currently accept pure biotech or pharmaceutical projects.

Support Provided

Upon joining our incubator program, companies receive office and lab space as well as access to an extensive education and mentoring program. Most companies also receive a cash investment.

What Sets us Apart

We believe the strength of our program lies in four key areas:

Flexible Tenure
We recognize that not all projects advance at the same rate. As such we don’t have a fixed duration of residence in our incubator program. Instead, we can tailor the duration to a company’s specific needs. Most companies target graduating from the program with Series A financing in 1 to 3 years.
Extensive Education
The skills and knowledge necessary to effectively build and manage a medtech startup are wide ranging. To address this need, we provide our companies formal education through half-day workshops, lunch-n-learns and seminars. The programs are taught by industry veterans with real-world experience and cover a wide range of topics including: fundraising, management skills, IP, regulatory, clinical research, commercialization strategy, and more.
Full-time Mentoring
The Institute staff consists of seasoned medtech executives, each with over 25 years of industry experience. They are available on-site for companies to interact with on a daily basis allowing for a much more impactful level of guidance and support.
Strong Alliances
The Institute has long-standing relationships with El Camino Hospital and the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. These organizations provide additional opportunities for education, clinical research and involvement in the medtech innovation ecosystem.

Who Should Apply

We’re looking for people with passion and commitment who want to make a difference. We also want people who appreciate the value of a shared learning environment and being part of something bigger than just themselves. If you meet these requirements and the additional details below, we encourage you to apply.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be a legally formed company
  • Must have a full-time CEO, and ideally others, committed to the project
  • Must have a clearly defined product concept, preferably to initial prototype stage
  • Concept must address a major unmet clinical or economic need or provide an opportunity to significantly improve an existing treatment method
  • Some or all of the team must be willing to work full-time at the Institute’s facility in Mountain View, California
  • Willingness to participate in the broader educational programs and experiences offered by the Institute (e.g. Summer internship program, Ferolyn fellows, FDA fellowship, etc.)

How to Apply

To apply to our incubation program, simply download and complete the application form. Once completed, email the document to