Our fellowship programs inspire the next generation.

Education and mentorship play an essential role in the Institute’s commitment to foster innovation among young entrepreneurs. The following programs help support this mission:

Lefteroff Internship

The Institute’s summer internship program honors the late Tracy Lefteroff’s spirit and passion to support entrepreneurs in the life sciences.

During this hands-on program, college students participate in a broad range of activities, including working on projects with one of the Fogarty Institute startup companies, shadowing physicians at El Camino Hospital, participating in educational seminars and meeting with seasoned industry leaders.

Insight gained through these diverse experiences help the interns learn the entire process of developing a therapy and plan their careers in the healthcare industry.

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Ferolyn Fellowship

This fellowship pays tribute to Ferolyn Powell’s deep commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion in our industry.

The program supports rising medtech leaders with a strong passion and aptitude to transform healthcare.

Participants undergo an immersive 10-month program of customized mentoring designed to accelerate their careers and nurture leaders who will drive the next wave of medtech innovation.

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FDA Fellowship

The Institute’s unique program with the FDA enhances understanding, communication and collaboration between entrepreneurs and regulators – all to shorten the time to bring new technologies to patients.

FDA employees spend time immersed within the Institute, learning the challenges involved in developing innovative new medical technologies, while our companies develop a deeper understanding of the U.S. regulatory process.

Fostering innovation through education and incubation.


At the Fogarty Institute, we believe in life-long learning, providing our companies-in-residence with a comprehensive educational curriculum addressing topics such as fundraising, intellectual property, team and organizational development, product development, quality systems, health economics and reimbursement, clinical evidence development, and regulatory affairs and commercialization strategies.

We also extend these resources to a variety of partners in innovation. These include government officials interested in learning the challenges inherent in bringing medical devices to market and larger companies seeking to leverage the innovation talent that resides within the Institute. We are also committed to educating future entrepreneurs and rising industry leaders through our Lefteroff and Ferolyn programs.


The Institute provides unparalleled support to entrepreneurs developing promising new medical devices. In addition to our educational programs, companies also benefit from unlimited access to our team of full-time mentors. This in-depth support allows our mentors to become more than just occasional advisors to a company, but rather true partners in helping them succeed.

Our team’s broad industry experience also allows us to facilitate access to top-tier external resources, including investors, legal counsel, regulatory and quality consultants, CROs and many other capabilities necessary to build a great idea into a great company.

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